12 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

October 01, 2021Category Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Want to create a perfect yet modern kitchen for your Baltimore Home? Do you know that it needs perfect planning and a thoughtful design? The new kitchen layout should remove problematic areas and avoid mistakes that normally hinder the function of this room of the home.

A kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It is the most used room that needs great investment to renovate it. It pays off by enhancing function and boosting the value of the home. There’s no doubt that it is easy to get wrapped up dreaming about selections, colors, and other aesthetics, but it’s vital not to put finishes before a function. When your design is planned systematically, you need to avoid some common mistakes at the time of designing the space.

Avoid THESE Mistakes to Enjoy a Flawless Kitchen Remodeling

Here are some of the most popular kitchen design mistakes that homeowners must avoid at the time of remodeling their home:

1. Not Focusing on Kitchen Work Triangle

Your sink, stove, and refrigerator make the three common points in the work triangle for the area. It is essential to maintain enough space between each point. Experienced local kitchen contractors suggest that no homeowners wish to keep cabinets, appliances, or trash bins within the triangle’s path.


2. Over-crowding the Cooking Area

This is one area that needs potential safety measures. There’s a defined measurement for both sides of countertops that kitchen remodelers are aware of. Usually, homeowners in Baltimore tend to ignore the buffer area that is required between combustible materials and a heat source. Pros are aware of this concept and thus, when you hire kitchen renovation contractors, they ensure this room of the home meets the safety guidelines.


3. Insufficient Storage

Everyone wishes to have a spacious storage area where kitchen cabinets can be designed with shelves or drawers with racks for dishes or spices. These should be kept at places where it is easy to access them. When planning to small kitchen remodel, maximize the space by installing sturdy cabinets above refrigerators and up to the ceiling.


4. Inadequate Counter Space

To keep appliances on the countertop and also to prepare meals, you need sufficient space. Right? Don’t scrimp on counter space. Instead, think about how to create multiple workspace within the defined area.


5. Poor Kitchen Lighting

Have you ever thought about the kind of lightings you need for your kitchen space? Well, knowledgeable kitchen remodeling contractors suggest three kinds that are must-haves for a bright area. General lighting that provides overall illumination, task lights highlight prep zones, and accent that is under or in-cabinet lighting.


6. Hindering Ventilation

Homeowners planning to renovate the kitchen must keep in mind that gas cooktops require proper ventilation. It is, therefore, important to choose the right size hood. Also, make sure you have sufficient clearance around work areas and cabinets.


7. Visible Trashcans

Everyone wants to keep a trashcan in an easy-to-access area. It is nice to find and choose the place to tuck the trashcan away. A visible trash bin fades the overall look of the area. A perfect option is to install cabinet trash just next to the under-sink area. It will be easy to access from there. Get in touch with local kitchen contractors in Baltimore. Get an automated rail system installed that can extend the can out of the cabinet when you open the door.


8. Uneven Fitting Appliance Cabinets

One benefit of using semi-custom cabinetry is the removal of poorly fitting appliance cabinets. To elude cramped spaces or unsightly gaps, your kitchen design should be created exactly for the models of appliances you will use daily.


9. Improper Island Placement and Its Size

Most kitchen space either will have too large or too small islands. Be practical in where you can place it and what will fit without hindering the flow.

Improper_Island_ Placement_kitchen

10. An Ill-fitted built-in Wall Oven

When it comes to keeping an Electric wall oven, don’t force it into a small kitchen that can cramp the area and remove the most important countertop space.

Ill_fitted_built_in _Wall Oven_kitchen

11. Incorrect Positioning of Drawers or Appliances

Is it time for a kitchen renovation? Make sure there’s sufficient space to stand in front of a drawer or appliance and it gets open without bumping into a wall or another cabinet.

Incorrect_Positioning_ Drawers_ Appliances_kitchen

12. Selecting Poor Quality Cabinets

When you compromise on the cost of kitchen cabinets, you mess up with everything you have renovated in this area. Instead of choosing low-price cabinets, select the one that can withstand enhance the overall look and also withstand the wear & tear of the space.


Thus, to create the functional dream kitchen for your home, dodge the above-stated mistakes. The question is how can you be assured that you don’t make kitchen mistakes when renovating the area? There are trusted home renovations platforms that offer verified kitchen contractors near me list. This makes it easy for homeowners in Baltimore, MD to find and connect with experienced remodelers for kitchen remodel.

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