What Factors Impact Roof Replacement Cost?

September 21, 2021Category Roofing Services
Roof Replacment Cost

Every roof is unique and needs a professional roofing contractor. They thoroughly inspects and provides an approximate estimate based on specific requirements. Various reasons make homeowners consider roof replacement services for their homes. It could be age, damage, aesthetic updates, or completely new roof installation.

Whatever may be the reason, updating the topmost part of the house adds many values to your home. The fact here is that roofing projects may become expensive if not handled by professionals. Many elements affect the final cost of roof replacement in Denver that homeowners must know before connecting to professionals.

When you hire local roofers in your city, they evaluate many factors and this helps them to estimate the total cost. Also, when you want to know about new roof costs, it is always better to connect with local contractors. They will guide you properly and help you in saving on energy bills and many repairs plus boost the curb appeal. Overall the value of our Denver home will increase!

Factors that Decides the Cost of Roof Replacement

Today many authentic home renovation platforms offer roofing contractors near me list that makes it easy for homeowners to hire verified roofers in their location. Check out different factors listed below that affects the cost of replacing roof for your home and businesses:

Roof Size

The cost of replacing the roof is directly related to the size of the home that is more the surface area, more the materials needed such as shingles, underlayment, and (Oriented Strand Board) OSB/plywood.

Roof Square Footage

Many Denver people are not aware of the fact that the square footage of the roof is not the same as home. Learn that the square footage is the total gross living area that consists of each house’s level with multiple stories. It does not include a basement, garage space, and interior walls. In contrast, when it comes to the roof, it includes walkaways, garages, front entryways, etc.

Roof Slope

There are many types of residential roofs such as low slopes, steep slopes, or at times a combination of both. Hire contractors who have substantial experience in offering residential roofing services in your area for a flawless experience.

Waste Factor

Local Roofing contractors usually add some percentage to the total cost for the waste factor. However, they calculate it depending on the roofing materials or their styles. In general, it includes materials that are overlapped in hips and valleys. Besides, it also includes cut-off material around penetrations, gable ends, and flashing.

Roofing Squares

Have ever noticed that when roofers talk about replacing the old roof of the home, they talk about ‘squares’? Well, it is the area of the roof that is equal to the 100 sq feet (10’*10’ area). To find out the total roofing area of the home, the total number of squares needed is divided by the total roof area by 100.

Roofing Materials

The type of shingles & materials homeowners choose or is needed to install/replace the old ones depends on the local geographical location and weather condition, building codes, or home owners’ association(HOA) rule. All these strongly impact the cost of new roofs. For an instance, architectural shingles may not cost the same as the traditional three-tab shingles. Based on the roof shingles you choose for your home in this city, the best roofing contractors in your location are there to help you. They are well familiar with the special instructions to use and meet the specific requirements.

Roofing Design and Shape

The architectural design and style of a home roof greatly impact the re-roofing cost. For an instance, many homeowners might have a roof that has multiple dormers, a steep A-frame, or a combination of valleys and gables. When people choose to get in touch with an experienced roofing replacement professional, they will mostly consider the architectural design to provide the cost for it.

Condition of the Existing Roof

The total roof replacement cost is greatly affected by the condition of the existing roof. It also depends on how heavily it is damaged or it just needs minor repair work? There are chances that a hole in the topmost part of the home is there from where water may have seeped into the upper floors and attic. This may need work in the underlying wooden structure as the damaged needs to be repaired that needs extra materials and labor. Here’s the catch! The minor damage may not be that much expensive when compared with the major ones.


If you think that your old home does not have sufficient ventilation then consider a sufficient and sturdy option for it. It is always better to hire local roofers in Denver as they know what kind of ventilation design and style suits your home the best. Based on your preferences, experts will suggest the price for the same.

Are you the kind of homeowner who has kept money to invest in home improvement services,? Thinking if you can afford the total expenses for new roofs? The best way to know the total cost of your project is by getting in touch with a verified replacement roof contractor in your area. Remember that the cost greatly varies from project to project, whether it involves a complete replacement or repair work. Professional contractors for roofing projects will help you in knowing the exact cost. This will help homeowners in planning & preparing ahead of time.

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