How to Maximize the Storage Space in a Small Kitchen?

January 18, 2022Category Kitchen Remodeling
Space in a Small Kitchen

Do you want to know how to make additional storage in a tiny kitchen? When it comes to home design, this is a prevalent issue. Whether you live in an apartment or an open-plan living area, there never seems to be enough room in the drawer to store all of your cutlery, glasses, plates, and many other such things that we use in our day-to-day life. As a result, storage is important to small kitchen concepts. Not only cabinets, but also ingenious drawers, maximized shelves, and hidden cupboards can be utilized for every square inch. Many expert kitchen remodeling contractors in Pittsburgh are ready to assist in maximizing the space in a planned way.

Best Ideas by Experienced Kitchen Contractors in Pittsburgh

There’s no doubt that in a small space, bench space, storage, and aesthetics can all be an issue. However, with a little planning and the best tips, you can make them work. Check out below-listed a few impeccable ideas that can make a big impact and give the heart of the home a splendid look:

1. Use Vertical Space in a Planned Manner

Even if optimizing storage is important, keep in mind that this is also a living place, not merely a storage space. When it comes to small kitchen layout ideas, there’s always a tug of war between practical and good-looking. So if you overload the space with cupboards, it can start to look more like a furniture showroom than a home. However, especially if you have tall ceilings, there are ways to load up on storage without overwhelming. Stacking two sets of shorter, medium-height wall cabinets would make far greater use of the available vertical storage. There’s still a good gap between the cabinets and the ceiling since it allows you to see the entire room.

2. A Folding Kitchen Table Can Also Be Used As a Counter

A folding table can be used to prepare and enjoy food without taking up too much space on the floor. It’s also a great concept for a desk that you can put away when you’re not using it. Think of this brilliant concept when you have a small space for this room of the home. Many homeowners who contacted local contractors for kitchen makeovers are happy with this idea.

3. Break Up The Cabinet Doors with Painting

Glazed doors are an ultimate option for going high with storage and will break up vast expanses of cabinetry. ‘You’ll have to be more selective about what you store within. For instance, crockery, and glassware will always look nicer than cartons of cereal and teabags. Fortunately, even if you know how to organize a kitchen, this approach does not necessitate meticulous cleaning. It doesn’t have to be perfectly arranged. Naturally, the most frequently used things are kept closest to hand, but nothing is out of reach with a little stepladder fastened to the rear of a larder door.

4. Select Colors That Increase the Sense of Spaciousness

Small kitchen paint colors can be difficult to choose. How do you find something practical to deal with while yet feeling light and airy? Paint in white as this is the best friend for this space of your home in Pittsburgh city. This color reflects light, enhances the sense of this area, and also makes the walls recede. You can create a hassle-free space with no boundaries or edges. Besides this, you can also combine contrasting textures that can give it a fresh and appealing look. You will be surprised to know that a recessed panel cabinet can also beautify the overall look.

5. Glue Packet Pegs to the Inside of Doors

Use sticky pegs to keep packets that are difficult to store on the inside of cupboard doors. Food packets that have been torn and shared will stay fresh, dry, and won’t spill. Furthermore, these ingenious models include wipeable labels where you can write something of your interest.

6. Add a Peg Rail

The simple shaker peg rail is a useful hook to have around in the small area and looks just as good in modern kitchens. A row of simple wooden pegs provides texture, warmth, and is an easy-access holder for numerous cooking items when used to frame a colorful splashback with a lengthening line.

7. Create Effective Storage Around Appliances

Building a nice frame around the refrigerator allows access to the in-door water dispenser. The slimline cabinet with the lift-up door above is used for pre-chilling soft drinks, but it would also work for large roasting pans and trays. The tall cabinet’s wall is finished with a curved end panel for a gentler ending.

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