Top 10 Smart Ideas for Small Bathroom Remodel in 2021

September 07, 2021Category Bathroom Remodeling
Small Bathroom Remodel

Does the bathroom of your home appear to be too small? Are you tired of slamming your head against cabinet doors? If so, it’s time to go for a small bathroom remodel that will make life easier. Having spacious bath space lets you enjoy time in this frequently used room of your San Francisco home. This is a place where you refresh yourself, apply makeup, relax and it is essential that you feel comfortable there.

Many homeowners have small bath space and thus look for ideas to renovate it for a better change. There’s plenty of small bath remodel ideas that you do-it-yourself or with the help of local Bathroom contractors in your location. Whatever it is, one must plan their budget as the bathroom renovation cost is based on many parameters. Remember to set the limit for the spending and follow it. Systematic planning makes the task easier for you.

Incredible Ideas to Remodel Small Bathroom

When homeowners figure out the money limit, it’s time for them to explore the options when it comes to renovating the tiny bath space. With just a bit of skill, creativity, and knowledge, you can enjoy an appealing space for this room of the home. Check out the below-listed ideas that you can follow when renovating the bathroom:

1. Think to Replace the Tub with a Shower

Do you take hot baths many times a month? Well, if not then you can replace the bath tub with a shower as this will make the space appear bigger. Installing a glass shower door is recommended by professional bathroom remodeling contractors as they will not cramp the place. Just in case you take a hot bath, proceed with the next idea.

2. Increase the Lightening

Ever thought that lighting can enhance the overall look of the bath space and brighten up the space? So, when planning for a bathroom remodel, think to improve the lighting by adding more lights by the mirrors and the sink. One of the best renovation ideas for a small bathroom is to brighten it up. It will instantly feel more spacious.

3. Go for Open Cabinets

You can also think of open cabinets when remodel bathroom in San Francisco home. Having cabinets with doors inevitably makes the space smaller as there’s a frequent need to open the cabinet’s door. So, to avoid all hassles, you can opt for open cabinets that will be used for items needed every day.

4. Think to Install Shelves

Shelves are one of the methods to fit a lot of stuff into a tiny bathroom without feeling crowded. One of the best things about it is that it can be used in a variety of ways. One common way to make use of shelves is to put them in the corners to create additional room. Towels and hygiene goods can be stored on corner shelves.

5. Make Intelligent Tile Selections

The bathroom’s mood is determined by the tiles. If you choose dark tiles with small features, the space will appear even smaller. Large squares or wide stripes, on the other hand, will make your bathroom appear much larger.

6. Make Use of the Vertical Line’s Magic

You can stack your shelves and cabinets to the ceiling. Your bathroom will appear much larger if there isn’t too much stuff on the floor. Put the products you don’t use very often on the upper shelves of the cabinets, closer to the ceiling. Place the goods you use frequently within easy reach. This is one option that usually local bathroom contractors prefer when they renovate the space.

7. Install a Skylight in Your Home

This is something that will require permission, but it is well worth it. A skylight will give your bathroom additional depth, allowing you to relax more while taking a hot bath. If you don’t have any windows on the sides in your bathroom, this is a great option. Think about it!

8. Choose Light Colors to Paint the Bathroom

Many homeowners are not aware that light colors illuminate the space especially when natural lights don’t come inside the bathroom. Choose colors such as beige, or white. If you believe your bathroom is going to be boring, add some humor with hilarious wallpaper. You’ll be amazed if you only use the wallpaper on one wall. There are many various wallpapers to pick from. Experienced Bathroom remodelers suggest choosing a flowery or bright-colored one.

9. Built-in Stool for the Kids

Often little space in the bathroom means no scope for extra things like stools to step for the kids to reach the sink. Professional bathroom installation suggests built-in stools under the vanity so that there’s no need to keep any extra ones. Isn’t adorable? Yes, it is as it is an efficient and cute way to design a bathroom with a small space.

10. Ventilate the Space

Proper ventilation will not make the small bathroom look bigger. However, it will certainly make you feel better and comfortable. One major advantage of having a properly ventilated bathroom is that it will reduce the high humidity that may damage drywall and paint. Bathroom ventilation fans are usually mounted on the ceiling and suck hot, humid air out through a duct to the exterior of the house. It should be installed during the remodeling process. To keep the ceiling look clean and uncluttered, choose a covered ventilation fan.

Having a small bathroom can indeed be challenging at times. However, these tips will certainly help many homeowners when they think of a bath makeover. Alternately, they may explore the #1 trusted home renovation platform that provides authentic bathroom remodeling contractors near me list, making it easy to connect only with the verified Pros. So, even if you have a small bath space, you can take the advantage of it to make it more spacious by keeping the tips to remodel bath space in mind.

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