What’s Trending in Bathroom Remodeling Designs for 2022?

December 18, 2021Category Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling Designs

Are you thinking to renovate the bathroom for a refreshing look? Planning to remodel the bathing space? It is a good start and easier if you hire the best bathroom contractors from a trusted home renovation platform. Perusing the latest bathroom trends 2022 is a good way to start a refreshing year. Some homeowners may consider trends as a temporary choice as it comes and go. However, some of the bolder trends never come with expiry. If you get connected to the experienced bathroom remodelers in Atlanta, capable of quickly finding trends that turn to timeless and classic looks, your worries are over. Keep trends in mind that can remain timeless for many years to come. Whatever your choice and style may be, whether you are looking for modern bathroom ideas, there are always plenty of choices available for you to opt for your home.

7 Latest Bathroom Remodel Trends in Atlanta for 2022

Homeowners in the city have become more interested in making choices for titles, flooring, showers, bathtub, etc. They want to be different and customized touches like statement mirrors & basins, reclaimed pieces, colored ceramics, shower trays, floor tiles, etc.

1. Green-colored Marble

Marble in the bath area has long ruled as one of the luxurious materials when it comes to choosing bathroom designs. There’s no doubt that it will always remain in trend for years. Today plethora of shades is available in addition to grey and white. Brown, pink and blue are also available colors, however, it is green marble that is getting much importance and will dominate as the perfect color for the bathing area. Add warmth to this room by pairing this tone with brass-fittings by professional bathroom renovation contractors.

2. Raw and Earthy-Colored Textures

Unrefined and natural finishes provide a break from the cold, hard surfaces found in the bathroom- not to mention the cold and hard reality of life beyond the bath space’s door. Bathroom installation contractors believe that wood is an obvious choice. Select darker timber in rough-sawn or vintage stain surfaces. Combining this with wood-look porcelain tiles can be a perfect choice.

3. Stunning Bathroom Wallpaper

No doubt waterproof wallpaper has always been the ideal choice by bathroom contractors in earlier days. However, with its limitations in patterns, and introduction of lasting materials, and printing techniques, bathroom wallpaper ideas for 2022 are now the recommended choice. It has already gained significance and will be in demand for the upcoming years too. Due to modern printing techniques, it is easy to swipe tiles for odd prints instead.

4. Fluted Bath Space Surfaces

Believe it or not but tactile materials and unusual 3D finishes come for bathroom texture too. The bath space trend for fluted surfaces is an awesome way of bringing unexpected textures. Choose fluted glass shower panels, fluted vanity cabinet, go for a fluted marble backsplash that creates the same look as fluted titles.

5. Soft Textiles

Although it is not in much demand earlier, yet blousy fabric blinds and bathroom curtains will be a big trend in the upcoming years. This will make the area more appealing and attractive and lively. Instead of a long and heavy curtain that touches the floor, go for a floaty, soft, and sheer one that can add texture and does not look dramatic and too heavy for a bath space.

6. Statement Lighting

Bathroom lighting ideas and design will always be in spotlights for homeowners in Atlanta or elsewhere across the globe. With New Year around the corner, more attention is being given to the latest bathroom renovation. When it is easy to find bathroom remodeling contractors near me list at an authentic home improvement platform, why waste time. Often the question might have come across – why can’t chandelier be hanged in the bathroom with utmost safety? To this, professional remodelers suggest that today it is possible where it’s simple to hand pendant light to a defined height above the floor in the bathroom. If you are DIY for bathroom lights, avoid low-hanging light closer to the water source, suggests bathroom contractors in Atlanta.

7. All-on-One Bath & Shower

Don’t believe it, but it’s going to happen! The two-in-one bath & shower is being reinvented. Instead of a restricted tub with shower curtains and showerhead, a glass divider in this room will be a preferred choice. This will hold a tub and shower. Moreover, it’s a wonderful solution for homeowners who like convenience and practicality.

Is Your Atlanta Home Ready for Modern Bathroom Trends 2022?

Whether you want a full renovation by bathroom remodeling contractors or just want a quick update, you can always hire reliable local contractors for seamless work. If you are not sure about where to find the list of professional bathroom installation contractors, trust RenoMyHomeNow. Being an authentic home renovation platform, it is possible to find and hire pre-verified and certified bath remodelers in your local area. Think no more and send a request for Free Quotes and get connected with professional bathroom remodeling contractors today!

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