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1Provide your requirements and let us help you connect with the best roofers in your area

2Get quotes from top rated roofing contractors for free

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Ever thought roof installation in your city can be an easy and swift process? RenoMyHomeNow makes your dream come true. Find the best roofing contractors near me list at this #1 trusted home renovation platform. A properly installed roof provides security, safety, and comfort from external elements. Most homeowners in different cities search for a reliable roofing company to hire local roofers to get their damaged roofs repaired or install new ones. There are different kinds of roofing services offered to locals across various states based on the weather conditions

Roofing Services Offered by Our Listed Roofers

Since its inception, RenoMyHomeNow has helped thousands of commercial and residential customers throughout the USA by providing the list of best roofing contractors in their local area. We believe in customer satisfaction, so when you trust us to find a complete list of verified roof installation professionals for your businesses or home, you can expect nothing less than superior Pros who has substantial experience for all kind of roofing projects.

  • High-Quality Commercial Roofing Services

    Our enlisted roofers work hard to provide affordable commercial roofing services that do not disturb the profitability or productivity of your operations

  • Affordable Residential Services

    For homeowners, our listed local roof installation contractors expertly install and repair asphalt shingles, cedar, metal, slate, and many more.

  • Top Roofers for Installation Services

    The registered local roofers understand the importance of new roofs and never compromise on quality and guidelines for local climatic conditions.

  • Flawless Roof Repair Services

    Get in touch with the best roof repair contractors from this platform. The listed Pros are ready to find the best roofing solutions that extend the roof's life.

  • Long-Lasting Roof Maintenance Services

    Hire trusted professionals for routine roof maintenance and keep it in the best condition. Get in touch with us for FREE QUOTES today!

  • Best Roof Leakage Services

    Even a small leak in the roof can cause significant damage to the home. Get the roof leakage problem solved by our local roofers in your city.

  • Some Other Services

    Roof Replacements, Solar panel installation as well as repairing, Instant services for waterproofs or coating

Connect with Trusted Roofers in Your Local Area through RenoMyHomeNow

Do you need new roof or roof repair services for your home? Whether it is damaged by a strong storm or it's simply needs repair, you can depend on our verified and experienced roofing experts at this Home Renovation Platform. We provide an extensive list of reliable and trusted roofing contractors that serves in your local area based on your requirements plus the local weather conditions.

Types of Roofs

Not sure which types of roofs you need for your home? Our local contractors for roofing services in your area suggest a few types of roofs based on-durability, climatic conditions, longevity, etc. Compare free quotes from roofers received from our #home renovation platform and hire them for the best experience.

Common Types of Roofs

Gable roof

Sheds Water Well, Easy To Build, Facilitates Ventilation

Dutch roof

Benefits of extra space and natural light

Hip roof

Ideal for high wind areas

Mansard roof

Two slopes within one on each side, creates extra spaces

Shed roof

Have more pitch, use with other roof styles

Dormer roof

More room and headspace, improved ventilation

Gambrel roof

Known as barn roof, Easy to install, gives classic look

Butterfly roof

Modern design, provides sufficient ventilation and light

Roof Types Based on Materials

S.No. Roof Types Reasons to Choose
1 Asphalt Shingles Withstand high wind
Options for Many Colors
Class A Fire rating
2 Metal Roofing Fire resistant
Extremely durable
Resist high winds
Last longer
3 Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Energy efficient
Won't break, split, or crack
Low maintenance
Resistant to snow, rain,
and wind uplift
4 Slate Roofing Fire resistant
Highly resistant to mold and fungus
Extremely durable
Very attractive
5 Solar Tile Roofing Can produce 250-400W
of power capacity Sustainable
One alternative to solar panels
Reduce the electricity bills
6 Rubber Slate Roofing Impact Resistant
UV resistant
Green roofing
Long lasting
7 Concrete and Clay Tiles Good fire protection
More energy efficient
Low maintenance
Resistant to insect damage and rotting
8 Built-Up Roofing Provide protection from leakage
Good waterproofing properties
Stands up well against extreme weather
Excellent Fire Resistant properties
9 Green Roofing Purifies air
Environmental- friendly
Absorbs rain water
Encourages biodiversity
10 Wood Shake/Composite Roofing Hand-split texture, good finish
Gives tougher texture and finish
Withstand high temperatures
Best for extreme UV light conditions

Find Best Roofing Contractors in Your Local Area

RenoMyHomeNow is #leading home renovation platform that makes it easy for homeowners in various cities and states to find local roofing contractors near me list. This makes it easy to connect only with the verified and experienced roofers near you. The listed roofing installation contractors for various services are known to provide exceptional support and solutions for many years. Our Pros take complete responsibility for all types of roofing projects no matter how big or small it is. So, whether you are looking to hire roofers for repair or installation services or want to get old roofs repaired, trust local contractors for roofing services.

No More Puzzles! Get Free Quotes from us and Hire Local Roofers for Flawless Services

With plenty of residential and commercial roofing companies near you, homeowners often get puzzled about which roofing company to choose! At RenoMyHomeNow, we give you peace of mind and keep you away from all such problems. No more wait! Explore the complete list of licensed roofers near me and get Free Quotes Today! We believe in offering complete customer satisfaction. Keeping this view in mind we register only the verified roofing contractors in your local area that is ready to help you round the clock to provide the best solution for all your roofing needs. All you need to do is just fill a form and get the list of reliable roofers near you.

Why Choose Local Roofing Contractors from RenoMyHomeNow?


Whether it is new roof installation or replacement or a minor repair, they dedicated their time and hard work to offer best roofing services.


They are known to provide right roofing solutions to their customers, no wasting of time and money.


They make use of best quality materials and follow good roofing safety practices once you connect with local trusted roofers.


They follow roofing installation guidelines and standards of manufactures for best outcome.

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